3 Expert Design Tips to Style Your Airbnb

Dedicated travelers and luxurious vacationers everywhere are taking advantage of the affordable and convenient accommodations available through Airbnb! This trendy resource is a great way to discover lodging options that won’t break the bank but still give you a unique travel experience.

Airbnbs are becoming more and more popular, which means the competition for Airbnb hosts is heating up. Finding ways to make your digs stand out above the crowd is crucial to the success of your business. Use interior design to bring your Airbnb to life and offer guests a home away from home they won’t find anywhere else!

Commercial Interior Design Services in Washington, D.C.

1.) Understand your audience.

Your guests are searching for a space that vibes with their personal tastes and provides everything they need as they travel. It’s important for you to design your accommodations with that in mind!

Start by researching the most common tourists visiting your area and decide who you’re trying to appeal to—families, businessmen, budget travelers, luxury vacationers. Learn more about how you can enhance their stay. Keep the needs and preferences of your customer base in mind as you set up your space.

2.) Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Most modern travelers are looking for more than just a place to stay—they want the comforts of home combined with the exotic energy of somewhere new! Make a statement using something like a colorful door or window treatments to make your place look fun and chic.

Eclectic designs are in—embrace the times with detailed patterns, creative textures, decorative fabrics, and bold wall pieces! Use décor to create a focus area in the room. A few quirky figurines or an interesting light fixture in the corner is the perfect opportunity for guests to snap a picture for Instagram and help you show off your swanky pad!

3.) Bring in natural elements.

Invite guests into your Airbnb with the warmth of vibrant flowers and rich greenery! Colorful flowers and fresh plants are an easy way to make your space feel lush and bright. Use stylish hanging plants and vases filled with flowers of bold and saturated hues to make your Airbnb—and the pictures you use online—look like a dreamy oasis.

At Hudson & Crane, we understand the importance of making your commercial property appeal to your customer base! We also recognize the value of having a distinctive aesthetic to set your brand apart. Partner with our talented designers to create a professional, compelling, and gorgeous interior design plan that works for your space.

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