A Comprehensive Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Office

Interior Design Firm in Washington D.C.Working from home is quickly on its way to becoming the new norm. Even if your job isn’t fully remote, most of us end up putting in some solid hours outside of the office anyway.

It can be difficult, however, to get into the right mindset when you’re mixing the demands of the office with the comforts of home. That’s why it’s crucial to set yourself up with a separate designated space where you can get in the zone and achieve maximum efficiency.

Thankfully, the powers of interior design extend to the home office too—and we’ve got the best tips to help you make some magic!

Choose your location wisely.

Just because you can cram a desk into the dark and tiny storage “room” (*ahem* closet) upstairs, doesn’t mean that’s the best place to set up your home office. Ideally you want your office to be in a room where you have enough space to move around, work productively, and get at least a little bit of natural light.

When choosing the best spot, consider the conditions in which you work best. Do you thrive off the hustle and bustle of people moving around you? You might want to set up shop in the den on the main floor. Or do you need complete quiet to get anything done? In that case, the extra room upstairs furthest from your common areas will be a better choice.

Furnish with functional pieces that complement the rest of your home’s interior design.

Your want your workspace to feel like an extension of your home—not an isolated dungeon you’ve been banished to work in. Fill your home office with furniture that matches the themes you’ve implemented in your other rooms.

Whether that’s more traditional, farmhouse cozy, or sleek and contemporary, there’s office furniture out there for every style. Just make sure your layout is conducive to the type of traffic flow you need to easily access your most important items. When you make your office feel like home, you’ll be more comfortable spending time in it and likely find that you’re more productive.

Set up plenty of storage to keep your space free of clutter.

Working in a clean, well-organized space is essential for productivity. The higher your paperwork piles climb, the harder it’ll be for you to concentrate on what needs to be done. Invest in plenty of chic wall shelving, filing cabinets, drawer organizers, and desktop baskets to cover all your bases.

One thing to keep in mind as you shop for storage solutions: think carefully about how you prefer to stay organized. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of office décor, but stocking up on cute storage items you won’t actually use is just a waste of money and space.

Lighting is everything.

Your eyes are already going to feel strained from staring at your computer screen for hours, so a well-lit home office is essential to keep you working efficiently and comfortably. Aim for lighting that is ample and functional without feeling sterile or overwhelming.

Make use of as much natural light as possible (we could all use a little extra Vitamin D), before using artificial light to supplement. Desk lamps are good for task lighting, while overhead fixtures or floor lamps provide widespread illumination to flood even the darkest corners of the room.

Personalize your office with décor that makes you happy.

The most productive workspaces are those that make you excited to be there—and your home office is no different. Choose decorations and accessories that inspire you, but that again remain cohesive with the overall style of your home.

Have fun with colors and patterns that energize you, stimulating textures, inspiring wall art, bright and colorful plant life, and your favorite possessions and collections. The right décor will make your home office feel inviting and set you up for maximum productivity.

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