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3 Tips for Making a Killer Accent Wall

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For interior design schemes that need mouth-to-mouth, an accent wall can be a simple but standout solution. A colorful, patterned, or strategically decorated wall is a quick and surefire way to add interest to your space and switch things up when they start to get boring. Like with any interior design element, there is an… Read more »

Contrast in Interior Design: What It Is & Why You Need It

Interior design is both an art and a science. So, like artists and scientists, interior designers are guided in their work by some fundamental principles of design that have been proven to work together to create an effective and attractive space. Depending on who you ask and what you read, those fundamental principles might vary… Read more »

Ideas for Creating a Work-From-Home Space in Your Living Room

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Since the pandemic has revolutionized the work-from-home movement, a home office space has gone from an extra to an essential for many working professionals. If you’re lucky enough to have a room to spare, setting up the perfect home office will be a breeze. If, however, you’re one of the many individuals in a small… Read more »

Designing Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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How well you sleep has a big impact on your day. Just think about it! When you wake up feeling well-rested, you have the energy you need to conquer the day. But when you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept a wink, you’ll probably spend your day moving slowly and feeling like a grouch…. Read more »

3 Ways to Make Your Interior Design More Sustainable

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As far as trends go, sustainability is one that is here to stay. Maybe you’re already doing your part by using your recycle bin, switching to paper straws, and going vegetarian once a week. But if you’re looking to make a bigger impact, you’ll be happy to learn that your own home is the perfect… Read more »

3 Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

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Hiring an interior designer to perfect your space is an exciting process. If you’ve never worked with a designer before, you might think it’s as simple as telling them your favorite colors, letting them wave their magic wands, and poof—you have the home interior of your dreams! While interior designers are capable of working some… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Wall Art for Your Space

Most interior designers will agree that a room is not complete until there’s a little art to dress up the walls. Wall art is just one of those finishing touches that really ties a neat little bow on top of the style you’re trying to accomplish in your space. The trick though, is making the… Read more »

Interior Design Strategies That Work Big Magic in Small Spaces

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The half bathroom; the not-big-enough-to-technically-be-a-bedroom home office; the galley kitchen; we’ve all been tasked with struggling to make the most of a small space at one point or another. As interior designers in Washington D.C., we’ve certainly seen no shortage of tiny apartments and near-useless nook and cranny spaces in larger homes. The question is,… Read more »