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These Are the Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2021

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As professional and passionate interior designers, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we weren’t constantly aware of the current industry trends. Especially when a new year rolls around, it’s our responsibility (okay—and it’s a lot of fun) to research which styles are about to take the interior design world by storm and which ones… Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pattern Mixing

As interior design aficionados, we love having fun with patterns. They’re a great way to bring life to a dull room and express your personality in a space. We have noticed, however, that when decorating their space many people tend to stick with just one pattern, or shy away from them all together. Hmm, we… Read more »

4 Things That Are Trending in Interior Design Right Now

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It seems like we were just talking about our favorite design trends of 2019, and now suddenly we’re already more than halfway through 2020! Whew—time sure does fly when you’re busy transforming spaces all over D.C. It’s always fun to see how styles ebb and flow as the year goes on, but these are the… Read more »

What to Keep in Mind When Playing with Wallpaper

One of the true beauties of the design world is how trends are always ebbing and flowing in and out of the spotlight. Styles that were once household staples outlive their reign, become a telltale sign of outdated design, and then return to the forefront of the industry in a metamorphic renaissance. One of the… Read more »

How to Pull Off a Monochromatic Room

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There’s something soothing about walking into a room with a color scheme that works in perfect harmony. Everything feels settled, and yet there’s still something bold and interesting about it. A monochromatic interior design is a striking way to highlight certain features of a room, please the senses, and create a cohesive space. Achieving the… Read more »

Design Trends We’re Loving in 2019

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Can you believe that 2019 is halfway over? We can’t! This year has already brought a lot of growth to the interior design industry and opened up some entirely new areas of exploration. Reaching the halfway point is the perfect opportunity to look back at the most popular design trends that have emerged in the… Read more »