Interior Design in Washington DC

If you crave a fresh aesthetic at home, Hudson & Crane is the Washington DC interior design firm that delivers a personal no rules design experience completely tailored to your unique lifestyle and personal brand.

Every domestic god & goddess craves a curated environment that feels oh-so-them.

We just want homes to look nice. Period. We’re at our best when the place we call home lives and breathes comfort and personal style.

Our process is our own unique blend of deep discovery and design therapy. We really take the time to get to know you and learn what you’re all about. In this way, our design plans really are pitch perfect for how you live your life.

Cue the champagne toast to many years of happiness!

design salvation

DC Interiors, we’ve got you. If you are redoing a whole room, whole house, or otherwise starting at Square One on a residential interior design makeover project, your friendly, local interior designers at Hudson & Crane take you on a magical journey from discovery to concept to the final ta-da.

design intervention

You’ve got your must-haves, but you’re not quite sure how to make the most of it in a cohesive space that feels 100% you. Let the friendly, local interior designers at Hudson & Crane come up with a plan to elevate your space and maximize your memories.

design curation

A great way to dial in on those last pieces that the room really needs. Send your designer some photos and dimensions of your space, as well as a Pinterest board of your taste, and your designer will present you with 5 options of your choosing, in a design deck that highlights each product, ready to purchase at Hudson & Crane!

design culmination

A service for those spaces that have their major furnishings, but still need all of the supporting pieces to really pull the space together. We can come style your space with decor, accessories, lighting, pillows, etc. to make it Instagram worthy!

commercial services

The ever-increasing population DC, MD, and VA means consistent demand. If you’re looking to attract the best renters, guests, and homeowners to your project, bring your hotel / AirB&B / apartment / condo / hotel / furnished rental / townhome / residential building to life. Hudson & Crane is the top interior design firm in the region for Commercial Interior Design Services.

home staging

Staging your home is a crucial step to staying competitive in a busy real estate market, and choosing our partners at Red House Staging puts you at a distinct advantage. Red House offers superior staging solutions for all types and styles of properties to attract your buyer, netting you the best results. With over 13 years of experience staging in The District and metro areas, Red House has cemented its role as DC’s expert go-to home staging firm. Click here to learn more