Interior Design Curation in Washington D.C.

Home & Condo Custom Interior Design Package Washington D.C.

Complete your space with Design Curation.

So, you’ve mastered the basics of your space. The colors are perfect; the major furniture is all in place; you’ve chosen a few pieces of décor to start bringing it all together. The only thing you’re missing? A stunning and strategic tertiary layer to tie up the loose ends.

Design Curation is a great way to dial in on those last pieces that your space really needs to bring it full circle.

Even after every staple piece and foundational design element has been implemented cohesively in a room, it can still feel a bit…lacking. It doesn’t quite have that “finished” look that distinguishes a refined space from a rudimentary one. What you have is good, it’s just not enough. That’s where we come in!

Hudson & Crane’s Design Curation service is tailored to individuals who need help taking that final step with their space.

Our D.C. designers will provide suggestions and make selections to fill in the gaps still plaguing your space.

Think of Design Curation as the process of taking a room from furnished to finished. With this service, our team will help pinpoint what your space is missing and supply the strategically-chosen pieces you need to complete it.

To start, you’ll send your designer some photos and dimensions of your space, as well as a Pinterest board of your taste. Then, you’ll be presented with 5 options to choose from in a design deck that highlights each product, ready to purchase at Hudson & Crane!

Cost of Design Curation Services:

$495 for up to 5 selections

We are currently not booking new curation services.

Whether it’s the perfect desk accessories for your minimalist office or flawless fixtures for a charming farmhouse kitchen, we can hook you up with those elusive finishing touches you need to complete the look of your D.C. space.

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