Custom Interior Design in Washington D.C.

Home & Condo Custom Interior Design Package Washington D.C.

Start from scratch with Design Salvation.

Hudson & Crane’s Design Salvation service was created specifically for spaces that need a full makeover and crave that designer feel. Using our expert methodology to uncover your unique aesthetic, our designers will curate full rooms from top to bottom to create a cohesive and effortless design, tailored just to you, that you’ll love to live in.

How does the Interior Design Salvation process work?

So, what exactly does interior design “salvation” from Hudson & Crane mean? Well, it’s all in the name.

Our Design Salvation clients have D.C. spaces that need saving. You know your space needs some interior design mouth-to-mouth, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you have an idea of what you want your space to look like, but need help bringing the finished concept to life. Or, maybe you don’t know the first thing about design and need someone to start from scratch.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, our team can create that designer look you covet. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Step One: It begins as a homework assignment to calibrate your design aesthetic, helping us understand how you use your home and what is driving your desire to change your space.

Step Two: Your first meeting will be up to 2 hours, allowing us to dive into your design taste, lifestyle, vision and budget.

Step Three: We will then build a customized design concept for you that will be presented during our second meeting so that you can visualize the direction. You will receive a design deck complete with floor plans (if necessary), a vision board of your new selections, and detailed pages of each item that your designer has chosen for you. Your designer can select up to 3 options per piece if desired.

Step Four: Once you have your design in-hand and have decided how you’d like to move forward with the pieces we’ve selected for you, we will begin the process of ordering everything necessary to bring the final vision you fell in love with to life. When installation day finally arrives and your space comes together, we promise the wait will have been worth it!

How much does a Design Salvation package cost?

At Hudson & Crane, we want any individual in D.C., Maryland, and beyond to be able to enjoy a fully finished designer space. That’s why we work to provide our services and any products at a cost that is accessible to as many people as possible. Our goal is to spread the power and beauty of flawless interior design, and as such every one of our services has been created to be rewarding at all price points!

You’ll receive trade pricing for the pieces you select from your vision board – 15-20% less than msrp—and pay a flat rate per completed space as follows:

Design Salvation: $1495-$2,995 per complete space, depending on your scope. We may present to you up to 3 options per selection.

Additional Rooms: $895-$1,795 per room if booked within 90 days of the initial Design Salvation service purchase.

Bonus: 15-20% off of all curated selections that are provided to you.

  • For multipurpose or 2-in-1 rooms (e.g. open floor plan living/ dining), an additional $895-$1,795 will be
    assessed to complete the design for both spaces.
  • Discount excludes wallpaper, wall treatments, custom window treatments and artwork, and American Leather items

*Design Salvation must be booked in person, and cannot be booked & scheduled without a visit to our studio. Purchases from design services must be made within 30 days of booking to be eligible for any associated discount. All clients will receive & must sign our design services acknowledgement prior to consultation. All non-custom returns are subject to a restocking fee. Custom orders are not returnable. All exchanges are evaluated on a case by case basis.