Design Trends We’re Loving in 2019

Interior Design Services in Washington, D.C.Can you believe that 2019 is halfway over? We can’t! This year has already brought a lot of growth to the interior design industry and opened up some entirely new areas of exploration.

Reaching the halfway point is the perfect opportunity to look back at the most popular design trends that have emerged in the new year and get excited about what the rest of 2019 has to bring. Here are some of our favorite styles we’ve seen so far, and the elements we look forward to helping you implement as we kick the second half of this year in gear!

Bold Color Palettes

This year we said goodbye to the muted pastels that dominated the last few years, welcoming rich and energizing hues in their place. Accenting your space with bright, striking colors—like dramatic reds, rich greens, brazen pinks, and vibrant yellows—is a great way to make subdued, neutral furniture and décor pop!

Bring in a few pieces of statement art or take a risk with a color splash backdrop in your kitchen to reinvigorate your home.

Natural Elements

Do you know how we’ve kept those crazy colors from becoming too much this year? With natural, organic-looking features to balance out the noise! Pieces made from natural materials and with a fresh, earthly style have really been making an impression in 2019.

A soft pine coffee table or touch of floral in the couch pillows act as subtle nods to the natural world and breathe life into a room. Take advantage of this trend by playing around with organic and refined colors, patterns, and textures!

Modern Maximalism

Our designers are obsessed with the shift away from repetitive minimalistic style toward flamboyant flair! If you’re a fan of the eclectic, now is the time to embrace it with your interior design. The maximalist fad pulls elements and accents from different eras and schools of design to create a cultivated custom look.

Don’t be afraid to combine different shapes, styles, and textures to devise your own unique look. Fashion experts are focusing more on long-lasting, handcrafted pieces to furnish a space. Interesting, detailed embellishments are the backbone of the maximalist trend!

Interested in experiencing these fun and innovative styles for yourself? Let the team at Hudson & Crane step in to help! Depending on your situation, we offer several comprehensive service packages to completely overhaul your space, or simply give it the interior design refresh it needs. Give us a call at 202-436-1223 or reach out to us online to get started making your custom plan today!