How Interior Design Affects Your Mood

If you were asked to make a list of professions you considered to be the most influential, what would you write? Policeman, CEO, doctor, lawyer. Probably something along those lines. But anyone who knows anything about style and space knows that there’s one more person that should be on everybody’s list: interior designer.

Skillfully implementing design elements throughout your home allows you to invoke the mood, thoughts, emotion, and ultimately behavior of you and anyone else who spends time there. Take control of your space by understanding how you can use interior design to create the perfect energy in every room!

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Many designers and psychologists alike have observed color as one of the most powerful tools for influencing emotion. Lighter colors convey an active energy, open space, and encourage positive thinking. Cool, darker hues, on the other hand, emit a calm, cozier, and more comforting vibe.

For example, pair an earthy green with natural beige tones to make your master bedroom the ultimate spot for tranquility and relaxation. Or for a cheerful and exciting living room, make a bold statement with a bright yellow loveseat!


When it comes to your furniture, the goal is to choose the right pieces for your design scheme and arrange them in a way that makes the room feel balanced. The layout of your space will determine the energy of the room. It should reflect your lifestyle and your intentions for the room while remaining functional in terms of traffic flow.

In your living room, for example, you want to have a seating area that is oriented to invite conversation and socialization. In comparison, you want your office to be a productive and creative space. Consider floating your desk in the room to create a sense of power and authority over your work.


The décor you choose for your space is what will ultimately allow the people in it to build an emotional connection with the room. Have fun using unique pieces to make statements and create your ideal atmosphere!

To make a room look more spacious, laidback, and less cluttered, take a minimalist approach. A few simple black and white gallery photos can make a room look sophisticated and refined. Or, employ mirrors to take advantage of natural light, add depth, and brighten up your space. Mirrors will also create the illusion of more space. Alternatively, you can add more décor to make a space feel grand and important. Take a chance on some interesting patterns that play well together and be sure to add plenty of personal items to give the room character!

Maximize the potential of your space by working with someone who understands the science behind interior design. Our experts at Hudson & Crane will help you infuse your home or business with the right energy to invoke the feelings you desire! We’ll use our skill and experience to guide you, while ensuring your space is ultimately created with your personal touch. Contact us today to get started!