How to Pull Off a Monochromatic Room

There’s something soothing about walking into a room with a color scheme that works in perfect harmony. Everything feels settled, and yet there’s still something bold and interesting about it.

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A monochromatic interior design is a striking way to highlight certain features of a room, please the senses, and create a cohesive space. Achieving the ideal balance between aesthetic unity and visual interest can be tricky though.

So, how exactly do you prevent a monochromatic room from becoming so uniform that it falls flat?

Use a three-shade range of your color.

The key to pulling off a monochromatic room is to use different variations of a single color. Start by choosing your base color, then choose one lighter and one darker shade from the same color family. Implement the three tones together to keep the room moving without sacrificing that cohesion.

Introduce texture and pattern.

Going monochrome with your interior design doesn’t mean your space will be boring—if you do it the right way that is. Energize the room with interesting textures and patterns to mix things up. Striped throw pillows in a blue living room or a velvet headboard in a black bedroom, for example, add the perfect vibrant twist to keep your interior design feeling lively.

It’s all in the details.

In a room that can easily blend together visually, every little accessory, fixture, and finish can be used to create definition. Choose pieces for your monochromatic room that have a slightly different tone, shape, or finish to offset the similarity in your colors. In a monochrome kitchen, for instance, a brass or copper faucet or marble countertop will create some much-needed drama in the space.

Try a statement piece.

If you’re still a little wary about your monochromatic room, break things up with a contrasting focal piece. A bold pop of color can be a welcome reprieve from all that harmony. Try a bright piece of furniture or accessory that diverges from but still works with your dominant color—like a magenta area rug in a green bedroom. Don’t forget, you can always rely on neutrals as well to keep monochrome from overwhelming the senses.

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