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Tips to Help You Master Color in Interior Design

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Ah, color. Color is fun. Color is fickle. Color is beautiful. Color is…tricky. There is no version of interior design in which you find success without nailing your color scheme. Color is your most powerful tool for making your space feel the way you want it to. Do you want someone to walk into your… Read more »

4 of The Biggest Mistakes People Make in Interior Design

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Although the finer details of what it takes to pull off a certain style will vary from person to person, there are a few fundamental concepts most interior designers can agree on when it comes to characterizing a well-designed space. These elements can be tough to use correctly if you don’t have the eye or… Read more »

What’s Your Design Salvation?

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Buyer’s remorse set in right away, when Dean Hill unlocked his new studio in Dupont Circle. The staging furniture was gone, and all he could see was 467 square feet of empty floor. “Omigod! I just paid too much money for a closet!” Dean remembers thinking. Luckily, he took Monty Python’s lead and looked at… Read more »