What to Keep in Mind When Playing with Wallpaper

Residential & Commercial Interior Design Services in Washington, D.C.One of the true beauties of the design world is how trends are always ebbing and flowing in and out of the spotlight. Styles that were once household staples outlive their reign, become a telltale sign of outdated design, and then return to the forefront of the industry in a metamorphic renaissance.

One of the more recent interior design trends to inch its way back into critical acclaim is wallpaper, and its ability to transform a space into a new work of art!

If you’re interested in tackling the dos and don’ts of wallpaper for the first time—or the first time in a long time—then there are a few things you need to know to get it right.

Wallpaper should match the overall style of the room.

As with any element of design or piece of décor, you can’t shove wallpaper somewhere it doesn’t belong just because you want it to work. You may fall in love with a nautical pattern at the store, but is that really going to go with your nature-inspired guest room? Use wallpaper to complement the existing or intended style of a room and accentuate the desired vibe of your space.

Test it out first.

If you’re new to the world of wallpaper, consider playing around and learning more about it in small spaces or sections of a larger room. A small bathroom is the perfect place to start. Or choose an accent wall to start with before you wallpaper the whole room!

Learn the difference between flat and textured wallpaper.

Different types of wallpaper have different effects on a room. It’s important to understand what each kind does so you can determine what will work best for your space.

When it comes to texture, for instance, flat wallpaper has a more refined and detailed look that works well in traditionally styled rooms. Textured wallpaper, on the other hand, adds warmth and dimension that works best in more casual, informal spaces.

Find the right balance when it comes to pattern.

Mixing and matching different wallpaper patterns can make your space look bold and edgy—in the right doses. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns that integrate well together, just make sure you’re not clashing with existing patterns in the furniture and décor. Too much conflicting pattern will take your space from lively and eye-catching to messy and cluttered.

The interior designers at Hudson & Crane LOVE to work with wallpaper—and we know how to do it right! If you’re going to make the investment, it’s best to enlist the help of an expert with plenty of experience. Our team will help you choose something that you’ll love (re: our wide selection of Phillip Jeffries and York Wallcoverings!) and will work for years to come, even as your style and tastes change over time.

Give us a call, reach out online, or stop into our studio to learn more about which of our full-scale interior design services will help you achieve the fresh new look you’re dreaming of for your home!